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Hooray, finally some more bootlegs!

Woah, Alexander sent some bootlegs to me, some even with manuals and boxes!

I like to point you to his website at this poaint – it’s totally radical. He is into Game Boy stuff, have a look:

I won’t lie – his box glowed like this upon opening!

Here come the beauties:


Batman Return of the Joker

DIG DUG (Different shell)

Disney’s 102 Dalmatians

Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands!

The Lion King

And two I picked at the fleamarket last weekend:


Super 32 in 1 GA-021

Nasty famicom bootleg

This one was particulary nasty – it was glued shut and the pcb was as glued into place. Instead of a label somehow put white adhesive tape around it and labeled it “preem”. No idea what that means.






Edit: @Hafenheld_Max from twitter guessed the sticker show the logo of the Swedish company Preem Petroleum AB. And well, that seems to be right, thanks Max!